Friday, October 1, 2010

I still can't believe it!

It is like I told someone lastnight
I know this isn't like a pagent
but to me its just as big
and I still can't believe I won
that is right
I won the Oct Cover!
When I heard who our judges were
I just knew I didn't have a chance
not to say that other judges aren't as tough..
well maybe some of them aren't
(btw I HATE judging!)
but these three women judging make me nervous!
Tabyatha1 Baily, VeronicaLynn Parx, and Lisana Rossen
So instead of stressing over it
I decided to just go out and have fun
I had stayed up all night putting together poses
(always a process for me lol I think when my eyes get tired I see things!)
and because I was so tired I forgot I didn't need a full set
(six dots)
for the second pass
and nataurally that was the set I stressed over the most
the mini skirt I decided to have fun and do funky fun poses
anyways I am babbling
because I still can't believe I won!
So I went and made another picture after the contest lastnight
with all three of the outfits in the picture
the gown
the mini
and the babydoll
So here is my idea of a full day
and it coming to an end
a dinner in a elegant gown of black silk
then on to
a evening of disco in a short little mini of gold sparkles
then slipping into
a sheer babydoll that teases and promises
before the night explodes and showers into the light
lost on the feeling of floating in air and space
on such a magical night!


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