Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walk like an Egyptian!

That is right, tonight's event was Egyptian Styling.  Now I must say when I started looking around for an outfit for this, I never realized how many different ideas there were out there on what Egyptian stands for. This was a hard one, as this was not easily found, unless you wanted to wear silks. Silks are all good but not the road I wanted to take. I have always had a interest in Cleopatra and the Gods of Egypt. For such an anicent time they were so advanced in so many areas! Now I won't go into any history or facts, because I am sure that is not why you are here! So I finally found the outfit I wanted, elegant, simple but beautiful, well least to me, and I think my crowning glory was not the what was sitting on my head but was wrapped around my shoulders and neck. A snake! That is right, what better protection, what better weapon, what better pet!
Well I hope you enjoyed my little share tonight.  Tomorrow promises to be a hectic and busy day for me as I learn my first fashion styling event, wearing the Nun and Dancing outfits from earlier.  I sure hope yall come out and share the fun with us, I will be watching for yall!

And tonights winners, once again a tie for 3rd!

The Night of the Ball...

As I told yall, we were going to have a Masquarade Ball Styling Event! Sorry it took me a couple of days to give you the highlights! You should have seen all the beautiful gowns! I truly love a masquarade, just something about the mystery of them fills the air! A few of us had on the big ball gowns of a time gone by, while others were more modern with their glitz and glam, and then there were those few that thought outside of the box! I think for me, that person would have been Diana with her fruit giving hat and her special little dance! It was a fun night and if you weren't there, well you SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!

Now here are the winners of the night!
Normally there is only 1st,2nd and 3rd but there was a tie for 3rd.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a Masquarade Ball!

That is tonight's styling event! I am so excited, because for me masquarade brings up visions of swirling gowns and men in knee pants LOL don't ask me why, I guess because masquarades were so popular in the 18th century!  It allowed the women to be a bit more daring under the mask they wore and the men to a bit more forward, something we now take for granted, as our rules are much more lax (thank goodness LOL) Now this is not to say that is the only thing worn to a masquarade as it really allows you to shine as anything you wish to be as long as you are masked. So really the question is, what is really hidden within you, and will you let it out! I can't wait to see!

I will be looking for yall tonight! Come out and join us!
Here is your limo to the stage

Party Style Theme

Well here it was Monday night and time for the models to shine in one of the weekly events. Tonight was Party themed and what a party it was!! It is amazing how each persons personality shines through on the themes, least in my opinon. I think it's one of the reason I enjoy the styling themes so much, it allows me a glimse into the personality of the models. As you can see from the picture below with the night's winners, party means something different to each! Even though there are only four pictured, there were ten models entered into the event, and all a winner in her or his own right! Though as in any contest there always are the best of show! Just take a look at these party goers!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

CWS & the blog creating class

OMGosh what can I say about CWS other than it has become like my home away from home and my second family.  I have made some awesome friends and friendships that will always be dear to me.  Everyone is so helpful! I will be forever thankful for that day that Steve101 sent me the invite to the contest and then Anrol for talking me into going ahead and joining the school.  DebbieDoo for her total patience with my wisecracking forever asking question self.

LOL today was very interesting in class.  It was learning how to set up this blog. Between SL being its picky self and some of us not being able to hear voice, RL intruding, and all the other little things poor Tabytha was put to the test for sure! I can't stress how much patiences the teachers have with us and our million of questions asked over and over. The lessons we learn though because of them are invaluable and we give a million thanks in return!

Well that is it for today!
Stay tuned for more to come...