Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walk like an Egyptian!

That is right, tonight's event was Egyptian Styling.  Now I must say when I started looking around for an outfit for this, I never realized how many different ideas there were out there on what Egyptian stands for. This was a hard one, as this was not easily found, unless you wanted to wear silks. Silks are all good but not the road I wanted to take. I have always had a interest in Cleopatra and the Gods of Egypt. For such an anicent time they were so advanced in so many areas! Now I won't go into any history or facts, because I am sure that is not why you are here! So I finally found the outfit I wanted, elegant, simple but beautiful, well least to me, and I think my crowning glory was not the what was sitting on my head but was wrapped around my shoulders and neck. A snake! That is right, what better protection, what better weapon, what better pet!
Well I hope you enjoyed my little share tonight.  Tomorrow promises to be a hectic and busy day for me as I learn my first fashion styling event, wearing the Nun and Dancing outfits from earlier.  I sure hope yall come out and share the fun with us, I will be watching for yall!

And tonights winners, once again a tie for 3rd!

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