Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Made it!

Well what can I say
I can say..
That is right, classes are over!
Our whole class made it!
Because we are awesome!!
Now here is a little picture, What else would there be!
Now for those of yall in the know
you know this is not what the gown looked like in the beginning
but since class and graduation is done
I decided that it needed to be tweaked a bit!
Much more my style now.

Now on a side note let me apologize
to any readers I might have
as I have failed to keep up here
as there has been many many wonderful styling events and pagents
that I just have not got to post
Sometimes real life decides we just don't have enough hours in the day
I will not go into boring detail
only to say I will try my best to keep up here but no promises
Now I have to brag a bit
and say that I did get an award for the blog
I do enjoy doing it
so it wasn't something I was expecting or even knew about
(maybe I just didn't realize)
but I am glad some were enjoying it

We had a wonderful class
and Svea Perian won Valedictorian
I can honestly say that she is one person
that truly deserves that honor!
A totally selfless, completely helpful, loyal, upbeat person!
I am honored to call her friend!

Well that is all for this post...oh yeah one last picture lol.

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