Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Contest...

Okay so I get this notice yesterday that there is a new contest.  Queen of Goth, now I have to say I am not much into goth for myself though I do like the looks and individuality that people come up with.  I love vampires, lycans, and all those fantasy looks, but I like to be either glam or "hard" looking personally.  Then I was talking to someone one day and they mentioned glam goth, and explained that goth really can be made into what you think and not in a set standard, which in turn actually defines goth/punk styles.  So I was excited when we got this note about the contest, as I have sadly missed the last couple of styling events where I could have done this.  Not only did it allow me to find a look I would enjoy building but also allow me to play with my photography on this, something I do love doing in a darker nature!  Now I am not saying my work is fantastic but I do once in a while do something I really like, even if it is not up to some peoples standards of "great".  Today was one of these days. So I thought I would share the picture here also that I am entering in the contest, and a few more are added to the slide show also. I hope to see some of yall in the contest and hope all of you go vote, really what is a linden here and there...yep that is all it is, one tiny linden!!

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