Monday, September 27, 2010

Bride Styling Event

Okay first lets do some catching up
This event was actually held last thurs
and sadly I am just now getting around to posting it
I know I know...bad form for me!
all I can say is real life really intrudes when there is a 2 year old demanding attention
she is called diva for a reason lol
well she will be 2 on halloween
thankfully most of the health scares of last month are starting to fade
and loved ones are safe if not totally healthy yet
now that brings me back to this event
I knew when I read it that everyone would be in beautiful big white gowns, and I figured a few black ones for the goth or shock effect
And since we are suppose to be creative, and history is a passion of mine, and Japan, China and Irish weddings were something I did study in my home economy class way back when, I thought it would be fun to do one of those, Japan being my favorite.
Now finding things such as this on SL sometimes is hard, there are plenty of beautiful Asian dresses out there but they didn't have it quite right, and sometimes I am picky (okay most times) about this kind of thing. I finally found a designer that had the correct styles, though they were a bit pricey. 
Now as I said at the event briefly, a Japanese bride will wear more than one dress for the night, during the wedding she wears a very simple one, all white complete with a little hood like hat.  But once the wedding is done is where the beauty comes in as she starts adding colors and layers, while removing others.  So below is what I decided to wear, it would be something she would change into from the wedding to walk into the reception, still basic but with a touch of color and flair to come.

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