Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oh my gosh!!
If you stumble around on CWS you might think it is turning into a dude ranch! There is a BULL...that is right readers you heard me right!
Not just any bull..noooo...but Black Bart, the meanest, ugliest, roughest bucking bull you ever did meet!
And we were asked to put our tender little butts on him and try to hang on! What a sight it was!
Now you would think with all our male models, the women would have been left standing in the dust ...
HA this was so not the case as we showed the men and ol' black bart who was boss!
It was a lot of fun as we all gathered around and cheered eachother on, choking on dust and patting the sweat off our face trying not to ruin our make up...well some of us ...there were a few that decided to try wrestling in the MUD...least they called it mud...I didn't see any cow paddies....I am just saying! LOL
Now I would like to say I held the title for longest time but Aisha Ormega took the lead in the last twenty minutes of the bull riding contest, beating me out by just one tiny second (though it feels like 15 minutes each second!) ending with a score of 102 seconds! Congrats girl!!
yeeeehawwwwwwwwwwww! lol

the biggest sights were the ballgown wearing bull riders...should have been there is all I can say!

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