Friday, October 1, 2010

I still can't believe it!

It is like I told someone lastnight
I know this isn't like a pagent
but to me its just as big
and I still can't believe I won
that is right
I won the Oct Cover!
When I heard who our judges were
I just knew I didn't have a chance
not to say that other judges aren't as tough..
well maybe some of them aren't
(btw I HATE judging!)
but these three women judging make me nervous!
Tabyatha1 Baily, VeronicaLynn Parx, and Lisana Rossen
So instead of stressing over it
I decided to just go out and have fun
I had stayed up all night putting together poses
(always a process for me lol I think when my eyes get tired I see things!)
and because I was so tired I forgot I didn't need a full set
(six dots)
for the second pass
and nataurally that was the set I stressed over the most
the mini skirt I decided to have fun and do funky fun poses
anyways I am babbling
because I still can't believe I won!
So I went and made another picture after the contest lastnight
with all three of the outfits in the picture
the gown
the mini
and the babydoll
So here is my idea of a full day
and it coming to an end
a dinner in a elegant gown of black silk
then on to
a evening of disco in a short little mini of gold sparkles
then slipping into
a sheer babydoll that teases and promises
before the night explodes and showers into the light
lost on the feeling of floating in air and space
on such a magical night!


Monday, September 27, 2010


just found out I made the top 10 once again for the mag cover of oct! I think I get more of a thrill out of this because it makes me more proud of my photography work, as I do 99% of all my own work. Congrats to all the others that made it in the top 10, look forward to thurs and what we will do!  lol Here is what I do when I am bored...

Bride Styling Event

Okay first lets do some catching up
This event was actually held last thurs
and sadly I am just now getting around to posting it
I know I know...bad form for me!
all I can say is real life really intrudes when there is a 2 year old demanding attention
she is called diva for a reason lol
well she will be 2 on halloween
thankfully most of the health scares of last month are starting to fade
and loved ones are safe if not totally healthy yet
now that brings me back to this event
I knew when I read it that everyone would be in beautiful big white gowns, and I figured a few black ones for the goth or shock effect
And since we are suppose to be creative, and history is a passion of mine, and Japan, China and Irish weddings were something I did study in my home economy class way back when, I thought it would be fun to do one of those, Japan being my favorite.
Now finding things such as this on SL sometimes is hard, there are plenty of beautiful Asian dresses out there but they didn't have it quite right, and sometimes I am picky (okay most times) about this kind of thing. I finally found a designer that had the correct styles, though they were a bit pricey. 
Now as I said at the event briefly, a Japanese bride will wear more than one dress for the night, during the wedding she wears a very simple one, all white complete with a little hood like hat.  But once the wedding is done is where the beauty comes in as she starts adding colors and layers, while removing others.  So below is what I decided to wear, it would be something she would change into from the wedding to walk into the reception, still basic but with a touch of color and flair to come.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

An answer to my own question...

Well here it is
I decided to look it up
so it would just be totally correct
as movies and books always put their own spin
on some terms and names..
What is Medieval...
The Middle Ages (adjectival form: medieval or mediƦval) is a period of European history from the 5th century to the 15th century. The period followed the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476, and preceded the Early Modern Era. It is the middle period in a three-period division of history: Classical, Medieval, and Modern. The term "Middle Ages" (medium aevum) was coined in the 15th century and reflects the view that this period was a deviation from the path of classical learning, a path supposedly reconnected by Renaissance scholarship.

And there you have it!

Missed the event tonight...

Sometimes it never fails
I am totally ready
and then BAM
Reallife intrudes
and I miss the event
So I really don't have a whole lot to report on tonight's event
but it was one I was looking forward to
and naturally one of the few that didn't cost me money
as I already had everything I needed
My closet is full of medieval gowns and such
Really what IS medieval?
Anyways here is a picture as I pout in the moonlight


Well I shampooed, combed and put my hair up in little sections to dry so it would be all wild in the morning when taken down, slid into my comfy pajamas and grabbed my trusted little stuffy sheep! Slipped my feet into my fuzzy wuzzy sheep slippers and slipped on down the runway to show off my cute fluffy white friends! Sadly we did not impress but we had fun anyways!

 Debbie was cute in her pink pajammies!
She was the winner of the styling event!

(sorry there isn't more here, just really not in the mood to report on the pajama event)

Friday, September 10, 2010

A New Contest...

Okay so I get this notice yesterday that there is a new contest.  Queen of Goth, now I have to say I am not much into goth for myself though I do like the looks and individuality that people come up with.  I love vampires, lycans, and all those fantasy looks, but I like to be either glam or "hard" looking personally.  Then I was talking to someone one day and they mentioned glam goth, and explained that goth really can be made into what you think and not in a set standard, which in turn actually defines goth/punk styles.  So I was excited when we got this note about the contest, as I have sadly missed the last couple of styling events where I could have done this.  Not only did it allow me to find a look I would enjoy building but also allow me to play with my photography on this, something I do love doing in a darker nature!  Now I am not saying my work is fantastic but I do once in a while do something I really like, even if it is not up to some peoples standards of "great".  Today was one of these days. So I thought I would share the picture here also that I am entering in the contest, and a few more are added to the slide show also. I hope to see some of yall in the contest and hope all of you go vote, really what is a linden here and there...yep that is all it is, one tiny linden!!