Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's a Masquarade Ball!

That is tonight's styling event! I am so excited, because for me masquarade brings up visions of swirling gowns and men in knee pants LOL don't ask me why, I guess because masquarades were so popular in the 18th century!  It allowed the women to be a bit more daring under the mask they wore and the men to a bit more forward, something we now take for granted, as our rules are much more lax (thank goodness LOL) Now this is not to say that is the only thing worn to a masquarade as it really allows you to shine as anything you wish to be as long as you are masked. So really the question is, what is really hidden within you, and will you let it out! I can't wait to see!

I will be looking for yall tonight! Come out and join us!
Here is your limo to the stage

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